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ALL IN is now Upbeat World. Welcome to Upbeat World.

Colorful Circles

About Upbeat World

A single platform drives visibility to all sustainability intiatives

Upbeat World is a space for discovering climate and sustainability resources which help everyone achieve greater impact. Upbeat is a collaborative space with an organized set of resources that make taking action easier.

Our mission is to deliver UN SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals, by bringing the parties together all in one place with the resources that support their initiatives.

United Nations

"Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.”

Meet The Team

Mary Wilson
CEO & Founder

“I created Upbeat World to ​​make sustainability solutions more visible, more approachable, and more ingrained in our lives so that they are easily implemented—by businesses and individuals.”


more about Mary

Roots in
sustainability programs

Mary has over 15 years of experience leading transformation programs for the Power and Utilities sector in EMEA and Australia. Mary created and led the Global Sustainability & Climate Tech Partner Segment at Amazon Web Services (AWS) making her uniquely positioned to understand and deliver collaboration opportunities across all industries. Her career in sustainability inspired Upbeat World.

Mary could see first-hand that solutions to a more sustainable planet and society are out there. Finding and implementing them to scale is the challenge, seeking them out when “sustainability” is such a broad topic leads to complexity and confusion. And if that is the case, then asking people and businesses to take sustainable action without the right tools does not set them up for success. Upbeat World was built to address this challenge and to bring to light the amazing people, solutions, and knowledge that is available with the right connecting platform.

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